Tuesday, 23 April 2013

reasons to be cheerful

I took this picture of damson blossom in the orchard at work on Saturday morning - I was planning to write a post about bees and pollination (bandwagon?.... moi?).  But even as I headed off towards the beehives to work out whether I could get a decent picture without getting stung to death, something evil began to stir.  We have had a bit of a stomach bug doing the rounds in our house and it was about to be my turn.  I nearly made it to the end of the day before succumbing to the overwhelming desire to go lay down in the long grass.

Now it's Tuesday and I have finally emerged from my swamp pit - a few pounds lighter and feeling like a breeze might blow me away. Here are some things, (no more than 500m from my bathroom door), that have been cheering me up today...

new shoooooooooes! (arrived by post this morning from here)

the easter cactus that my friend Lisa gave me is blooming

leftovers from the easter egg boxes that I made for my gang of boys, chocolate long gone

Mr Asparagus Pea has started playing the piano again

I am a complete numbnuts when it comes to music, but the boys in this house can do about half an orchestra between them.  It never fails to impress me, and I love that they have something they all share.


  1. So many lovely things in this post.They'd make me happy too - especially those gorgeous turquoise Saltwaters! I'm glad you're feeling better x

    1. I was inspired to do a bit of online shopping by seeing all you Southern Hemisphere girls in your Salties. Normally by the time I decide it's time to buy a pair of sandals the shops are full of tweed skirts and Christmas sweaters.

  2. poor you!xx hope you ok by now.x

    1. Thanks - still feeling a bit flaky, but improving