Wednesday, 27 August 2014

the end of summer at the end of the world

We are having a couple of weeks off to catch up with family and do some house stuff.  My mother in law came down on the train for a visit, then we drove her home to N Wales and headed across to Aberdaron for a couple of nights by the sea. It's where Mr Asparagus Pea proposed to me 3 years ago and this washing line featured in the image we used as a wedding invite.

The area is a Welsh speaking stronghold and the signposts drip with the extra vowels that give the language its distinctive look. W gives an 'oo' sound and Y gives an 'uh' - put them together and you get the English W sound. (I guess this sign had English on the other side?!?)

We walked the cliff paths and poked around in rockpools.

The summer seems to be coming to an early end with berries ripening and fungi sprouting.

 We're back home now and there is more pickling underway….

I have discovered two things:
  1. Life is too short to cut carrots into flower shapes (unless that's your job),
  2. I knew I needed one of those special food cover umbrella thingies, I just didn't know why…


  1. You have been having fun!!! I agree, cutting carrots into any sort of fancy shape is not what I need to be doing with my time!! xx

  2. Firstly I love your wedding invitations Bernice and secondly, like you I have always thought those umbrella thingies would be very useful - especially when it's Summer and the flies are a-buzzing.
    Happy pickling x

  3. Your trip sounded and looked lovely! And I love that photo of your wedding invitations! They are fantastic friend! You cracked me up about the flower shaped carrots! I am so with you on the one!!! And might I just say that your photos are always breathtaking!!! Seriously! I can not believe all is changing over so quickly to autumn...makes me wonder what we are in for this winter! Happy pickling friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Hello,

    This post brought back fond memories of our days spent on the Welsh coast when we used to live in Herefordshire. Puddling about in rock pools is such a glorious way to spend time, especially if the sea is in a wild mood in the background.

    We have to say that we try to keep out of the kitchen whenever possible....pickling, chopping, name it, it is all work to us and best avoided. However, we do love the end results!

    We too are holding on to the last rays of summer, drinking chilled rose and pretending that it is as warm as ever!

  5. I tried pronouncing those names with your simple guide to the Welsh language, but I don't think I got it quite right. Great colors in your photos.

  6. You've inspired me to start making a kitchen poster reading, "NO GARNISHING!" with fines listed below for various offences such as carrot curls, radish roses, and celery sticks. I agree, life is too short for that nonsense.