Tuesday, 9 September 2014

there's change in the air

We're having a little late summer glory here, but autumn is in the air. The porch is full of leaves, and the spiders make a new lace veil for me to walk through every day as I head out the door for work. This weekend was our food festival so we decorated the chapel for the harvest thanksgiving service.

Obviously if I had seen these before yesterday then the whole thing may have looked a little different!


images from here




and here.

Guiseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian Mannerist painter - these are his four seasons.
He was working in the C16th so they're great for those doing 'history gardening' like myself. 
I particularly like the snozzcumber nose in the image of Summer. 
Note to Siân - vegetable portrait sculptures next year?

At home I'm changing the bed and putting the winter duvet on.
Putting away t-shirts and digging out woollies.
Trying to find some socks.
Thinking about autumn trips and plans.
Exciting - I'll keep you posted...


  1. The veg looks so beautiful! I don't want to take part in any snozcumber noses though....

  2. Trips and plans? I like the sound of that!
    The paintings are extraordinary and definitely something to bear in mind for next year, although the rather more conventional produce display looks just fine too.
    Don't need socks and woollies today - it's warm here! xxx

    1. Got a birthday trip to Barcelona coming up - can't wait!

  3. You have made a beautiful display of all the fruits and veg. Nature is exuberantly to you!
    Groetjes from Holland,


  4. Wow that is an amazing display! I look forward to the food faces next year

    Oh goody if you are getting out the woolies then I can break out the t-shirts, Thongs (flip flops or jandles if you prefer) and smearing handfuls of sunscreen over myself before leaving the house. I am a little over the colder days here so bring on spring while eating up the last of my cabbages, kale and silverbeet.

    1. Yes - I'm still weraing my sandals to work then changing into my work boots.

  5. What a bounty you had! That winter picture is quite scary!

    1. I know - cool huh? I like that they're a bit creepy!

  6. Impressive leeks! I tried growing them once-they came up looking like scallions ;)
    Did you bake that bread? It looks like so much complicated shaping, but is absolutely beautiful.

    I had to put the duvet on the bed tonight, and I wore a suede jacket for a walk outdoors earlier. I always say I'm not ready for the seasonal shift, but this year I am.

    1. I can't take the credit for the bread - it's a beautiful loaf in the shape of a sheaf of corn. We have a traditional bakery on site and they make a loaf for the display every year.

  7. What a beautiful beautiful arrangement of your harvest!!! You all should be so proud!! Nothing prettier to me than all of that garden goodness! And I have a print of that last painting up there...such outstanding art if you ask me! We are cold here in Chicago today...pulling out the boots and jackets to get everyone bundled! Take care pal... Enjoy the new season! Nicole xo

  8. What a lovely harvest display. Those seasonal harvest portraits are fabulous.

  9. Great harvest! I tried growing a few veggies and my carrots looked like octopuses :( Better luck next year, I hope!

  10. Oh, I'm practically drooling! What an incredible harvest.