Monday, 24 November 2014


For the past few months all my creativity has been going into job applications.
Several options - all involving a change of direction.
So the good news is…… I got the job.
(the Plan A job)


Still at the museum, but working for the Events and Marketing department.
I'll be going through our events programme and looking at developing the informal education side of things. That means I get to look at all the fun stuff like farming, food, green woodworking, textiles etc. It's a big new challenge and a chance to get away from the grind of manual labour.

It will be my third career…
Does that make me a flake?
Or a polymath?
Or a flaky polymath….

It means I'll be hanging up my secateurs.
The end of the garden path is in sight…
I feel a blogging break is in order while I re-invent myself.
There's no road map, but that's exciting right?
….and scary,
(good scary rather than bad scary).

Thank you for all your support and companionship,
in the real world and the blogosphere.

Much love and happy holidays
Bernice  xxx

The Grayson Perry scarf was a birthday present from Mr Asparagus Pea. It's designed as a road map for aspiring artists, based on the silk maps that were given to WWII pilots in case they were shot down behind enemy lines. The 'W Anchor' is his potter's mark, it always makes me giggle. Mr AP was so delighted because he bought it for me after we saw it at Tate Britain, which was long before I publicly announced that I was turning into Mr Perry!


  1. CONGRATS to you!!!! Man this is the good stuff in life! When suddenly you are heading in a new direction and the road is fresh and unknown....nothing better!!! Wishing you all the best in this new journey and hope that you will pop in a bit here and there!!! Take care Bernice and happy holidays to you as well! Nicole xoxo

    1. A fellow risk taker eh? Keeps you alive I reckon! xxx

  2. Great news, Bernice, when do you start? I'd definitely go for polymath as a description!
    Enjoy your break, get into the new role, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you return to blogging.
    Cool scarf, good choice, Mr AP! xxx

    1. I start next Monday - could do with a break in between really, but i haven't got any leave left so i figure I might as well push on through to christmas. xxx

  3. Congratulations! Very exciting to move in a new direction and take on a different challenge. I hope it all goes well and you return to tell us all about it!

    1. Thanks Bek - see you on the other side! Now I have to go buy some clothes - 12 years in work trousers, polo shirt and steel toe cap boots leaves you with rather a slim wardrobe xxx

  4. Congratulations, I hope your new position brings you lots of happiness.

  5. Congratulations. You're not a flake, you're multi-talented! Enjoy your break, and I look forward to hearing all your news when you return.
    Oh I wish I weren't an ocean away or I'd take you out charity shopping for a new wardrobe.

  6. Congratulations! I hope that you really enjoy it and that it will be a great new adventure. xx

  7. hurray! i;m looking forward to wherever the blog goes....