Wednesday, 6 February 2013

gift shopping for ghouls

Okay - I'm officially over it with the wallpaper stripping, but still trapped in the house with the builders. (Not literally - don't send help). I'm on tea and decision making today - tedious but necessary.

So inspired by yesterday's post from Lakota at about the polar bear cookie cutter that she received as a pressie - I felt moved to dig out something special to share with you.

My conjoined gingerbread twin cookie cutter purchased from the giftshop of the fabulous Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, (medical museum - not for the fainthearted).

As a joint celebration of my stepsons' 18th and 21st birthdays a couple of years ago we took a big NYC/Catskills/Philly road trip.  The Mutter Museum was one of my personal highlights and their gift shop is truly special.  I urge you to check out their online store for a range of items that include a rather lovely selection of plush toys in the shapes of disease microbes and cells - my favourites included e-coli and a very cute brain cell.

Unfortunately, due to the current chaos in the house, I haven't managed to whip up a batch of these little fellas to show you.  My stepson wanted me to make them as a 'new baby' gift for our next door neighbours, but we decided that was maybe in poor taste.  I have made them once, but it's a rare social occasion that demands a conjoined gingerbread twin.

I bet Martha Stewart hasn't got one of these....


  1. That's truly brilliant, and double biscuity bang for your buck at that! My husband has an office in Philadelphia (well, his work does, not him personally), guess where I'll be sending him if he has to travel there again?

  2. Glad you like it. I realise it's not to everybody's taste, but I just couldn't resist it.