Saturday, 2 February 2013

february flowers

Okay, so this is not going to be about gardening, but hey – it’s February!  Even Alys Fowler’s doing houseplants in the Guardian today, and if it’s good enough for Alys….

We went across the border to Bristol today to pick up a sound engineering gizmo that Mr Asparagus Pea has bought for younger stepson’s birthday this week.  I went along for the ride so that we could have a nice lunch in Clifton and pop into Fired Earth to fantasise about tiles for the kitchen renovation.  We plan to knock out the old outside toilet to create more space, but I want to reuse the fab 70’s tiles from the lav as a splashback (!!!) for the cooker in the new kitchen.  I think it will be great to get a bit of pattern into the place – there should be enough to use in the new laundry room we’re planning too.

tile from the old loo

Across the road from the place where we got the sound doodah there was a great charity shop.  Couldn’t resist this old cotton sleeping bag for £3.  It’s such pretty material and I love that somone has patched it carefully in so many places.  I like the zip round the edge too – not sure if it works, but I would use it as a blanket anyway.

patched sleeping bag

So I’m gradually managing to sneak a bit of floral girliness into the ‘House of Bloke’ that is Casa Asparagus Pea.  ‘Slowly, slowly, catchy chicken’, as Mr AP likes to say; (Welsh is the first language for the boys in this house, so we have interesting new versions of a whole range of well known phrases and sayings).

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