Monday, 23 September 2013

mushroom fluff

A Monday highlight for me is reading a new post on Brian Francis' blog Caker Cooking - his writing just makes me laugh! The dishes that he makes are all from old church/charity style recipe books - and this month it's 'reader recipes'.

So imagine how proud and delighted I am to have made it on to this week's blog with 'Mushroom Fluff'. I urge you to check it out - but I warn you now, it ain't pretty!


  1. Brian's blog sounds like it's right up my alley - will def check it out, AND your mushroom fluff!
    Hope all is well, how's your kitchen progressing? Mine is done, apart from a spot of jooshing x

    1. I know you'll love Caker Cooking -it properly makes me laugh. We are on week 10 of building work. All progressing okay but it' a long haul. We have a virtually finished laundry/WC that is my new happy place. Mr A-P insists on calling it the 'Lootility

  2. I will jump on over there!!! What a treat to be featured!!! All the best this week!!!

  3. Thank you - I love your little ghosts by the way

  4. Replies
    1. ...maybe serve it with a side order of snozzcumber?