Friday, 25 April 2014

a beautiful mess

I worked for most of the Easter weekend so I am having this week off instead. Mr AP has taken a few days off as well so that we can hang out together at home and do a bit of house stuff. As usual we have long lists of tasks and great plans - some achieved, some can wait for another day. I think it's really important to make something - even if it's just a mess. So here's some stuff my clever husband made for me…

a key holder -
Mr Smurf looks after the keys to my old house that we still own and rent out,
Cartman looks after our spare house key.

A shelf for my cookbooks,
(middle class - moi?).

a woodshed - new and improved, 'you beaut' Version III,
with foreground herb garden - I've been busy too!
I cleaned out the fridge and made random veg soup,
(tasted okay but bore an unfortunate resemblance to sick after some ill advised blending).
So I made a loaf to cheer up proceedings...
..Best One I've Ever Made!

Also we've been talking for a while about going down to being a one car family.
Last week the transport gods intervened,
the big car turned itself into a bag of spanners on the way home from the Gower. 
A quick trip to 'we buy any wreck' yielded £300. 
The new transport strategy involves Mr AP having a more reliable motorbike,
(his old one looked cool but refused to start).

One very happy hubby,
(but the helmet squashes his face into a grumpy pout).
Tiny hint of my little blue Panda frame right
- or 'the car' as it's now known.
I'll let you know how it goes…


  1. Hello Bernice,
    We love the look of your newly planted herb garden. The inclusion of the bent twigs is particularly attractive and practical. And, how wonderful it is to be able to snip a few handfuls of fresh herbs just a step from the kitchen door. Perfect!

    We wonder how you will finish off the shed at the bottom of the garden. Sheds are so very useful but it would be great to make it an attractive and decorative feature in the garden too. Perhaps a wacky colour for the door? Friends of ours painted quotations in the wooden slats of their shed........guaranteed to attract comment!

    1. Thanks Jane and Lance - the bent twigs are my cat poop preventers (even worse than usual in a culinary herb garden). Will take them out as the plants establish. We haven't decided yet whether the log store will be open fronted or have some kind of half door.

  2. Yes do let us know how it goes! The bike is sweet! And ha...your soup tale put a smile on my face though the loaf sounds beautiful! I must say that I am smitten with every bit of making around your home! Super fantastic! And that shed!!!! Oh that is just cool and awesome all rolled into one! The finish makes it!! And those herbs are perfect...gave me some ideas for my pit area!! Have fun around the house with the Mr!

    1. Thanks Nicole - your garden projects are coming along nicely too last time I checked. We're just a bit further into spring than you are! xxx

  3. Fresh herbs outside the back door, a place for your keys and books, and a handyman on a bike - does it get any better, Bernice?! xxx

    1. After a year of planning and a year of construction chaos, there's a definite sense of a plan coming together x

  4. Your 'you beaut' wood shed is a beauty, a classic. Have you seen all the stylish buildings clad in old rusty corry that are around the place at the mo? Sharp and modern in design but their corrugated exterior gives them warmth, keeps them interesting, adds character and an element of surprise - which I really like in a house. Love that element of surprise (don't judge a book by its cover etc) We are collecting pics to inspire us for when we turn our old shed into a little 'pied-a-terre' ;)
    Love the green chair in the background of first pic (great key hanger thingy btw Mr AP!) and, again, those tiles.

    1. I knew you would appreciate the 'finish' on the logstore, rust and old bits of agricultural poop and all. (You pay extra for that in smart hotels right?) can't wait to see your ideas for the shed - I think you did a bit of posing in front of it for Frocktober? I've got such a thing about corrugated iron buildings - the church hall we had our wedding reception in is a classic. I'll put a pic up for your mood board X

  5. I like your easy to maintain brick raised beds. A new motorcycle for your husband? Sounds like good payment for all of the work he's been doing at home!

    1. The retaining wall for the upper level of the garden used to be wedged right up aginst the back of the house (and you could walk straight off the edge of it in the dark). Now the herb bed should be: attractive/catch the rain run off from the upper level/stop you going over the edge accidentally/casual seating all along the edge.
      Mr AP loves his new bike, it's an eleven year old Suzuki that leaps into life at the touch of a button. It replaces a thirty something year old BMW tha sat in the garage looking cool and refusing to start.

  6. Hi there, just catching up, looks as though you had a very productive time between you! Hope that the new wheels work out well for you! Your herb bed looks great and will be lovely in the summer to be able to pop out and pick fresh herbs whenever you want! Hope that you have a good week. xx

    1. Yes - if I can just keep the snails off my seedlings I'll be making pesto come the summertime!