Friday, 28 June 2013

a fruity kiss

Yesterday the bees were swarming in the orchard, and had attached themselves to one of the pear trees. I called the beekeepers to come and collect the swarm, and taped the area off to stop people accidentally wandering into a bee frenzy. Today, with the new colony safely tucked up in a hive, I went to take the tape down and re-open the area. While I was there I thought I'd see how the soft fruit beds were coming along. The great news is -  the raspberries are ripening! Hooray!!!

the first real fruity kiss of the season,
there's nothing like a ripe raspberry warmed by the sun

not enough to sell, or worry about a recipe

just a little scrump for me...

..and a few for my colleagues
a couple of fruity favours in the bank!


  1. What a treat! There's nothing like the first fruit of the season. How very generous of you to share...

  2. No such thing as a free raspberry ;-)