Thursday, 17 October 2013

alone at last

I am alone in the house - gloriously, peacefully alone! This has not happened since mid-July.  One way or another the house has always been full of:
  • builders working on the kitchen reno (nearly finished, but we're having a little break until the worktops are ready to fit).
  • plumbers fitting the new boiler and radiators.
  • my lovely husband and stepsons + girlfriends.
  • my parents and mother in law who came to stay this week. The plan was to celebrate my birthday and do the big reveal on the kitchen (Oops!). My dream of cooking a fabulous meal had to be modified a little - big thanks to my Mum for turning up with enough chicken pie to feed an army.  Also thanks to Mr A-P's Mam for cleaning the brick dust off the contents of my kitchen cupboards, ready to go back into service.
Today everyone has gone home/away/out/back to work and I sit in solitude to write. (Okay - so I'm waiting for the Rangemaster guy to come and fix one of the burners on the new cooker, but I reckon that doesn't count).

Guys - I love you all, but a girl needs a moment to herself sometimes!

So before I go off to sit and stare into space in our new sun room (I think that's what we're calling it), here are some pics of the birthday loveliness that was bestowed upon me this week:

a fab Gareth Davies 'seaweed' print that I hankered after when we were in N. Wales
(can't find any details for a link, but it was bought from here)

stylish things for our new kitchen
(they'll all be wanting 'Shaw's the Drapers' linens soon - you saw it here first!)

the exact book I wanted

good things from my friends' clever hands

and sweet words from my stepson...
the water may be choppy sometimes, but we sail our little family ship together!

I am a very lucky girl.


  1. Oh I am intrigued to know what your le creuset is? I do love LC! Happy Birthday and I hope that you enjoy your time to yourself - peace at last hey! xx

    1. It's a shallow casserole dish/sauté pan - non stick with glass lid. Very beautiful - thanks Mum and Dad!

    2. Lovely, you will be able to make some great things in that! What a great gift.

  2. happy birthday!! glad you had a good one.xx

  3. Happy birthday Bernice!
    I don't know if that "they'll all be wanting Shaw's the Drapers linens" is just an advertising phrase, but I do. Want some. They are gorgeous. Old-fashioned, but not. I also love your seaweed print - it's beautiful.
    I hope your kitchen will be finished soon Bernice so that you can cook up a storm in your fancy new le creuset. Ours is still not done - why is it that those last little finishing details take so long?!
    Enjoy the peace and quiet (while it lasts!) x

    1. I don't think Shaws have ever heard of anything as modern as advertising. They're a local to S Wales chain - kind of daggy and not quite retro cool. It's a one stop shop for cheap curtains, knitting wool in school colours and peach face flannels. Hope your clear up is going okay xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Friend! You have been so busy!!! I am glad that you have some quiet time to yourself! I don't get much of that so when I do I know how wonderful it is! I can not wait to see your kitchen!! And all of the thoughtful lovely gifts are perfect in so many ways! That print took my breath away...everything about it speaks to me! WOW! All the best this weekend!

    1. Thank you - yes,quiet time is a treat. You must be super busy with your 3 little ones. Hope you have a lovely weekend

  5. How lovely to have a bit of quite time after months of noisy times. Glad you had such a lovely birthday filled with gorgeous things. That book looks intriguing.

    1. It's a great book that's been around for ages ,but recently updated and re-released with lots of photos. Food for Free by Richard Mabey