Monday, 7 October 2013

bonkers for conkers...

...and other pretty things for a nature table*

My friend teaches reception at primary school,
and she likes to make a nature table.
  Things to touch and smell and name and notice.
 Things to count and sort and peer at with a magnifying glass.
  On my morning rounds I fill my pockets with treasure, before it gets trampled. 
Acorns and cones, spotty feathers and a posy of fiery leaves.

Of course it wouldn't be autumn without conkers

Throw in a horse marrow in striped pyjamas and a pumpkin or two
 - and that's a table full of autumn joy that nobody could resist!

*talking of bonkers - have you seen what kylie's up to at lucy violet vintage?


  1. Beautiful "conkers". I remember we had a nature table at primary school, I have not thought of that for years, I guess that collecting odds and ends as a grown up is just the same thing in a different way really! Hope you enjoy your nature table - sounds as though you are.

    1. I don't think the urge to collect pretty shells and rocks and seeds ever goes away - now I just have a good excuse to do it!

  2. Oh that is a table I would like to be a part of. It is amazing what nature creates. And there is nothing like sharing these treasures with children. How wise and wonderful that your friend does this for her class...I think I know what activity I will be doing with the beans tomorrow! Beautiful photos as usual!!! Happy week to you!!!

    1. And to you! I'm in the last throes of building work for our new kitchen so there's been a whole lotta brick dust and not much nature this week. But I've started cooking again which is a joy!