Monday, 25 November 2013

it's that time again

Orchard pruning time is here again - it's a job I find really satisfying.

This time last year, I dragged Mr Asparagus Pea out of bed and into work with me on a Saturday morning, to shoot a video of how to prune a pear tree. The weather was unkind.
It lashed down, and all the shots were spoiled by rain on the lens. 
So one year on, with a sparkly sunny day forecast for Saturday, we thought we'd have another go.

It was a fabulous frosty morning, and I'm really pleased with how our little film turned out. 

Fruit pruning is a big subject - many worthy tomes have been written. 
I wanted to demonstrate the process, and give people confidence to have a go.
(Hopefully without boring the pants off them). 

Massive thanks, as always, to my patient, clever husband for his camera and editing skills.


  1. Wow, I am impressed with your husband's pruning and video making skills!! He is obviously a very clever man. So much easier to understand when you SEE it, rather than just reading it somehow. Thank you. I hope that the video is a big success. xx

    1. That's me up the ladder doing the pruning! Mr A-P's idea of pruning mostly involves a chainsaw - but he's a dab hand at video and music editing (originally trained as a sound engineer).

    2. Well, in that case I take back my previous comment, YOU are obviously a very clever woman, and I am very impressed with YOUR pruning skills!! xx

    3. I'm sure it was the stylish outfit that fooled you! ;-)

  2. This is just fantastic!!! I loved everything about it and because I am so visual I really understood the method through your film! Thank you so much! It was a pure delight and I hope you make more guys have a talent!!!

  3. My first career was in the film industry (documentaries), and Mr A-P is a promo producer. So I thought we could combine our talents to make something useful. I'm glad you think it works x

  4. Love the video, excellent quality and storytelling!

  5. Replies
    1. It's hard to know what goes with tree pruning - but a little bit of country banjo picking seemed to fit the bill