Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Got a week off work - yay!

After all the upheaval of building work, 
we finally got to the nice bit - nesting!
One of the plus sides of living with an (under control) hoarder
- is the stash available to create decorative schemes.
I can wave my arms about and say 
'Let's have…..'

Aunty Dilys' chairs 
(beautiful oak from Port Sunlight)

the massive green school cupboard that nearly killed the removal men

the broken sunburst clock
it's always 6:05 in our house
 (note to self - dusting!)

The Iwan Bala - 'Views for News'

there's even a colour scheme emerging
- but what we really need…

..is a defunct fire alarm!

We've been having guests round for dinner,
and using pretty things that have been boxed up for so long.
Putting bread in my favourite rush basket 
- and setting the table with vintage napkins.

Tomorrow we are off to Birmingham to see Youngest Stepson before he graduates.
I'm making beef and beer stew to portion up and freeze for him
 - brain food for a hungry student.

There's still plenty of work to do on the house.
But it's important to enjoy what we've managed to achieve along the way.
Must go - wallpaper to strip upstairs….  


  1. How wonderful to have such an eclectic and stylish stock of furniture and decorative pieces to call upon! That sunburst clock is a beauty (accurate timekeeping is so overrated...), love the school cupboard and the painting too. Yes, enjoy unearthing and using your treasures. Beef and ale stew, mmmmm...
    PS. Haven't thought about Einstein A Go Go in years, thanks for that! xxxx

  2. Wob. I love that mirror, even undusted it's spectacular. A very nice array of home decor you have there

    1. Sorry, clock. I don't know why I typed mirror...

  3. The stew looks like it is going to be awesome! And your pieces are just beautiful! WOW do I just love that chair, clock, and that green cupboard is awesome!!!! I would say you have a very cool space lady! Have a great time visiting the hungry student!!! Happy week to you! Nicole xoxo

  4. i love that cupboard!!! and the colour. your house is gonna be so pretty!

  5. Yes, very nice but nothing can compare with the items I have acquired from Aunty Ikea.