Monday, 11 February 2013

voyage round my mother in law

To cap off our week of wallpaper stripping, we headed 3 hours north to see my mother in law this weekend. The family gathered to celebrate her upcoming 80th birthday.  We did manage to prevail upon her to let someone else do the cooking when there were going to be 10 of us, but for the rest of the weekend she turned out food for all her guests with a degree of vigour that puts the rest of us to shame - must be all those years of Chapel teas and feeding the men on the farm.

As well as enough roast dinner to feed a gang of hungry shearers, there is always a choice of homemade puds. I thought I should share her Pineapple Upside Down Cake - a thing of great beauty that must (surely) be set for a smart restaurant comeback any day soon.

She also quite often gives me stuff when she's clearing out her cupboards.  As well as a rather lovely 70's craft pottery cheese dome (that I currently can't find the bottom of so haven't photographed), I have acquired a new tea towel for my collection.

Now I like a souvenir tea towel..... I also like a map.  I particularly like a souvenir tea towel with a map, especially if it's somewhere slightly off piste.  The jewel in my collection has long been...

relic of a previous life in the film industry

But my lovely mother in law has added the perfect companion piece....

the refuelling stop of choice en route to the Falklands

(Note to self - consider ironing textiles better before photographing them)

Will be heading back up the garden path this week - hoping to get some garlic and shallots in if the ground doesn't freeze before I get there.  Also need to prune the soft fruit bushes - more of that later.

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