Saturday, 24 January 2015

the road to rhosllanerchrugog

Okay - this isn't really a post about Rhosllanerchrugog….
But we do drive past it on the way to visit Mr AP's mum in N Wales,
and this one of my favourite road signs.

It's huge to accomodate the length of the name.
The famous one with the long name gets shortened on signs to Llanfair PG,
(yes - I can say it).
I've always said I wanted a picture of this sign so Mr AP took one
and made it into a christmas card for me.
I'm now hoping for one of the sister sign on the other side of the roundabout.
Gotta love a diptych.

So you know I said I wanted a new challenge….. well the new job is certainly doing the trick.
I am in the process of getting to grips with:

  • the finance system
  • the room booking system
  • how to put stuff on the website
  • how to dress like an office girl at work
  • how to be me in an office with a desk (never had one before)
  • how to be focused on the moment and strategic at the same time
  • all of the above through the medium of Welsh - it's the language olympics every day
I am very fortunate to have a supportive team (and husband), 
and a sweetly patient office buddy who is getting used to repeating herself!
This week's achievements included getting a bi-lingual blog on the museum website*
(note to self - include the museum name next time)
and the installation of lamb cam - my web streaming project for March.
More of that later - it's beyond exciting….

*our website is recently revamped, so me wanting to write blogs that look 'bloggy' is exposing a whole load of coding bugs. Big love to Sara in digital content for her patience and virtual hand holding as I wrestle with it.