Saturday 24 January 2015

the road to rhosllanerchrugog

Okay - this isn't really a post about Rhosllanerchrugog….
But we do drive past it on the way to visit Mr AP's mum in N Wales,
and this one of my favourite road signs.

It's huge to accomodate the length of the name.
The famous one with the long name gets shortened on signs to Llanfair PG,
(yes - I can say it).
I've always said I wanted a picture of this sign so Mr AP took one
and made it into a christmas card for me.
I'm now hoping for one of the sister sign on the other side of the roundabout.
Gotta love a diptych.

So you know I said I wanted a new challenge….. well the new job is certainly doing the trick.
I am in the process of getting to grips with:

  • the finance system
  • the room booking system
  • how to put stuff on the website
  • how to dress like an office girl at work
  • how to be me in an office with a desk (never had one before)
  • how to be focused on the moment and strategic at the same time
  • all of the above through the medium of Welsh - it's the language olympics every day
I am very fortunate to have a supportive team (and husband), 
and a sweetly patient office buddy who is getting used to repeating herself!
This week's achievements included getting a bi-lingual blog on the museum website*
(note to self - include the museum name next time)
and the installation of lamb cam - my web streaming project for March.
More of that later - it's beyond exciting….

*our website is recently revamped, so me wanting to write blogs that look 'bloggy' is exposing a whole load of coding bugs. Big love to Sara in digital content for her patience and virtual hand holding as I wrestle with it.


  1. All I can say is rockstar lady!!!! Your list of what you are learning and accomplishing at your new job is just inspiring!!! Love the road sign too by the way! And I will have a jump over to look at your website up there! Keep up the good work! I think this is just amazing!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole - I'm managing my monkey brain with copious lists and walking up mountains at the weekends xxx

  2. Hello Bernice,

    The road sign is such fun!

    We are absolutely stunned by the demands of your new job. It all sounds like a very steep, if not a precipice, of a learning curve. And, to be coping in two languages simultaneously is most impressive. You are Wonderwoman!

    Whatever, you sound as if you are enjoying the experience and that has to be the main part. And, what a sense of achievement you will have when the website is firing on all cylinders!

    1. Thank you Jane and Lance - it's certainly a change from gardening I can tell you! My welsh skills have always been a bit of a neat party trick - but I've gone from being Queen of the Learners to Mrs 'Sorry what was that?'. Onwards and upwards though (I think).

  3. What a brilliant thing to share! I have never seen such a long word of any sort on a sign post. I can understand why the shorten "the" other one!! I hope that the new job keeps going well for you and that you can work out how to do everything and still be you at the same time. I am sure you will and that it will be all be great!!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy - nice to see you fronting up to the camera on your blog the other day. Brave and beautiful!

  4. That road sign is fantastic!
    Gawd, your job sounds a bit scary... So much to learn, so much to do! But of course you'll get to grips with it, and learn loads as you go, and do it all with bilingual panache. And you sound as though you are energised and excited by it all, so that's brilliant! xxx

  5. The 'new job meltdowns' are getting smaller and later in the week. Progress I think - and it feels like the beginning of something rather than the end of something, which is good xxx

  6. What everyone else has said about your work. It's sounding very deep-end-ish.

    I love Welsh place names. You can tell there's a little poem in each one.

    1. Rhos = moor Llanerch = glade Grugog = heathery. My husband likes to say that rhosllanerchrugog is the version they made simpler so that English people could say it!

    2. Oh that's gorgeous. Is it heathery? (I've been watching a doco on youtube about a skep apiary in Germany that specialises in heather honey and have gotten a bit overexcited about heather as a consequence.)

  7. I once ran out of petrol near that sign, and had to walk to Rhostyllen to get a canful. At the next pump was Fish, from Marillion, and I was too starstuck to say more than "hello". This would've been in about 1986.

    This is one of my favourite stories, and I very rarely get to share it, so diolch yn fawr iawn i ti.

    1. Croeso Nic - now as our local correspondent, maybe you could help us out with the 'Is it heathery there?' question?