Saturday, 27 April 2013

bottle babies

As well as the gardens at work, there is a small farming operation on the estate. We have sheep, pigs, cattle and a ragbag mix of poultry. Occasionally at lambing time we end up with a few bottle babies - usually a weaker twin that gets left behind when a ewe doesn't have enough milk. It's been a very tough year for sheep farmers in Wales - the late snow caused huge stock losses, and the grass has only just started growing.

Earlier in season I introduced my Twitter followers to Poopsie the lamb. Here is a very fuzzy pic of me warming Poopsie up under the hand dryer in the bathroom at work.

The name comes from the fact that they usually scour a bit (get a runny bottom), when they start to have bottles instead of their mum's milk. This lamb shat all over my leg the first time I fed it - hence Poopsie. The farmers think I'm mad to name them - they also won't let me knit them sweaters or dye them green for St Patrick's day!

Sadly Poopsie didn't make it (she was extremely poorly). But today I would like you to meet Poopsie II - doing well and nearly ready to go back out into the field and join the other lambs.

Thanks to Mr Asparagus Pea for the video editing tech support. He likes a good acronym, so has dubbed himself Senior Head of IT and Entertainment. We're thinking of getting an 'I'm SHITE'  T-shirt made for him!

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