Saturday, 25 May 2013

garden jumble

We've been in our house for almost exactly a year now - and we're on countdown to the arrival of the builders for the next stage of our renovation plans. That will be knocking the kitchen through into the (rebuilt) lean to conservatory, getting rid of the outside toilet and dividing the third reception room to create a small study on one side, and a laundry room with downstairs WC on the other. This will make the most of the fabulousness that is the SW facing aspect of the back of the house.  At the moment the outside lav is the best seat in the house - much as I love sitting there with the door open, bathed in sunshine, it does seem like a bit of a waste.  So we'll be gaining that space into the kitchen and putting in a big window.

The family who owned this house for years were Italian and somebody obviously loved the garden very much. As well as two plum trees and an apple, there was also an enormous fig tree that shaded the whole garden, two grapevines and a big bay tree. It must have been a little piece of Italy right here in Cardiff.  We also found a homemade grape press in the attic made from an old laundry mangle, so there must have been wine making going on too - living La DolceVita.

This week I have had a few days off work to do some preparation for the landscaping needed to create the new back door area. As I cleared, cut back and tidied, I came across loads and loads of pots. All shapes and sizes, ceramic, plastic, baskets, plain and fancy (sooo fancy!). We're keeping a few of the best ones, but I decided that the rest could go out onto the pavement for a bit of 'community recycling'.

so we scrubbed them down

put them out the front

with a sign (bilingual of course!)

browsers within minutes

2 hours later - all gone
(even the sign - nice piece of cardboard, that'll be handy!)


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  1. The new digs should be lovely. I always wondered why so many homes in the UK don't have a bathroom on the downstairs level.

    Good work with the pots.