Tuesday, 16 July 2013

questions, questions

The builders are due to start ripping out our kitchen next week. Anyone who has been through this process will know that it means making a thousand decisions - some major, some tiny. Many are things that I didn't think I had an opinion on, turns out I do. Actually - I am required to have an opinion, otherwise I'll end up with something weird. It's no good saying 'Oh anything will do - but not THAT!!!'. Those who know me will verify that I can usually manufacture an opinion on almost anything at very short notice - but this is in a different league. Taps, tiles, toilets, handles, light fittings, flooring - the list goes on and on....

Also I find myself making faintly passive-aggressive lists for our builder:

  • Three brick built steps - all the same size please.
  • Retaining wall to have brick on edge capping course - no visible frogs*
(Ned - if you're reading this - Soz!)

Suffice to say, it's sapping my ability to think creatively about anything else. So here are some herb idents that I have been making for the Front of House guys at work. The visitors expect them to be able to answer questions on an enormous range of subjects, so I'm trying to put some stuff together to help them with the garden side of things. The idents are tri-lingual - English/Latin/Welsh, which is a tricky balancing act to keep clear and concise. I have a great new app called Over, that lets you put text on pictures in a fantastically user friendly way. See what you think...

*Big shout out to all the other bricklaying nerds out there!


  1. Over is a winner! I need to get that ap!
    Good luck with your kitchen - I'm sure it will look terrific. Some things are worth being a bit opinionated about. I had to click that link to find out what a frog is - that's my lesson for the day.

  2. me too. i thought you meant an actual frog.

    1. See - we are a 'World Class Museum of Learning'!