Tuesday, 18 March 2014

more nesting

When it comes to architecture, Mr AP and I share a taste for industrial/brutal/bunker chic, and are frequently heard to sigh "Look - it's our dream home", as we drive past the cement works. But Cardiff is a city full of sturdy Victorian/Edwardian houses - so that's what we bought when we moved across town back to my old 'hood nearly two years ago. Now don't get me wrong - I love this crazy old house, but when they were handing out twiddly bits, this place got the lot...

crests above the doors

cornices that were picked out in alternating red/green with a row of green 'christmas trees'

obligatory stained glass front door

these are behind the curtains in the living room!

Our latest effort to try and calm it all down has been painting the hall/stairs/landing a rather grown up shade of blue, with an absolute crapload of pale grey and white. I'm bandying the words 'Gustavian colour palette' around, in the hope that no-one will press me on what it actually means. (Something inspired by an overdose of Swedish design blogs/Pinterest boards?!?).

extra fancy newel post at the bottom of the stairs

a couple of the original lincrusta panels, (which I love), below the dado

The blue on the walls seems to have calmed the floor down a bit.
I want to put this picture up - it's a Tom Burnett print I bought in NZ.
A flax basket of paua (abalone) shells.
It reminds me of childhood beach holidays.

Mr AP is not so keen on it - but lord knows we've got enough of his stuff about the place!
(The slightly ill-advised peach matte seems to work with the warm tones in the floor too).

What do you reckon…?


  1. Hi Bernice,
    I love your "twiddly bits", although I cannot for the life of me understand how?, why?, or what possessed previous owners to paint those "Christmas trees" red and green?! I wonder what were they 'on' at the time?!
    I really like your painting and I think it should definitely be hung for all the world to see, peach matte withstanding...
    Your comment on the local cement works cracked me up, but I totally get where you're coming from. We're kindreds as far as that's concerned xxx

    1. I think there might have been a bit of Italian patriotic decorating going on. As well as the red/white/green cornices, the exterior woodwork/ironwork is a birght 'Italian football jersey' blue. The bright blue front door is kind of growing on me though - makes it easy for people to find the house!

  2. Oh I just love all those bits of your house, every one! That leadlight door, my goodness. I think your painting is perfect with all those colours, go for it. mel x

  3. I think I would adore your house, I love Victorian twiddly bits and stained glass.
    Definitely put the painting up, it's great! xxx

  4. I reckon that the print goes beautifully with the colors in the floor! Such a pretty piece so get that one up! And the details in your home are fantastic! My goodness! The colors you chose on your walls are beautiful! You need to show us more of your charming house! A wonderful week to you! Nicole xoxo

  5. Well your first sentence gave me a good laugh, though I can't say I share that taste! Glad that the two of you are in agreement. I do lean more towards simple things though, and I think the blue and white looks nice.