Saturday, 22 June 2013

banana sourdough and a tale of woe

I'll get to the bananas in a minute - first, the tale of woe:

Yesterday, I fell out of a flowerbed at work.  I had been weeding, then tried to step over the plants to get out, rather than smushing them down by wading through.  Unfortunately, I stepped onto the stone edging of the bed, twisted my ankle, and fell into an undignified heap on the grass.

I have the ankles of a racehorse, (they have ankles right?) - and spraining them has been my lifelong, 'falling-over injury' of choice. Friends and family could enumerate the list of days out/holidays etc marred, (the more unsympathetic may say ruined), by my propensity for a sudden sideways dive - usually followed by at least half a day of sitting on the sofa with my foot up, requesting cups of tea and sympathy from passers by.

So this morning, with a slightly swollen foot and a spreading bruise, I found myself reading blogs in bed. What else is a girl to do? All plans involving walking any distance now shelved, I was inspired, (after reading my lovely friend Sian's post), to do a bit of housebound food blogging.

We have a sourdough starter called Iestyn* - cause he's got yeast in, geddit?  He has been part of the family for about three years now, and is just about right for my level of nurturing commitment. (Why are people so weird about putting pets and small children in the freezer while you go away on holiday - haven't they heard of cryogenics?)

Mostly I don't have the time to make sourdough bread - but in this house we luuuurrve sourdough pancakes for weekend brunch. As part of my campaign to empty the freezer a bit before we move everything for the builders, I decided to raid my stash of frozen overripe bananas.

Here are the results - banana sourdough pancakes with bacon and maple syrup:

a frozen banana or two, defrosted in the microwave

Iestyn, the sourdough starter

a little vanilla sugar 
(less than usual as the bananas add a lot of sweetness)

a ducky egg



served with bacon, butter and maple syrup

the vegetarian version

with a side order of Saturday papers
(maple syrup tastes better if it's out of a fancy bottle, right?)

Hope you all manage to stay upright this weekend....  x

*Actually his full name is Iestyn ap Burum, because he's a radical Welsh Nash and fully paid up Plaid Cymru member.


  1. hurray! pancakes! i love the maple syrup/butter/bacon combo too! (well, ykno, the vegan version).