Sunday, 2 June 2013

lazy weekend

Because I work half of my weekends, it's such a precious treat to have a weekend off with the sun shining and nothing planned. Yesterday we lounged around with breakfast in bed, then had a mooch to our fantastic local flea market. It's a proper old fashioned junkshop where the guy does house clearances and sells stuff cheap. I picked up this very sweet little jug for a pound - can't resist a bit of vintage metal/enamel kitchenalia. I try to restrict myself to practical items that are clean enough to use, (otherwise the house would be full of dented, rusting colanders).

But then the sun went to our heads and we bought a pair of these slightly wild, red vinyl and chrome chairs. Not sure what the hell we're going to do with them - but hey, they were only £10 each! If this was The Apprentice 'Buy Tat and Flog It For a Profit' task, we'd be off to Shoreditch now to sell them for £300 for the pair.

What ya thinking Mr Asparagus Pea?
Today we headed over to the other side of town  - where we used to live before Mr Asparagus Pea asked me to marry him. (Then I flogged his house out from underneath him and dragged him and the boys across to live in my old neighbourhood). There is a lovely Arts Centre there called Chapter, where I was part of a community garden project before we moved. Now I just help out occasionally with the odd bit of advice or pruning demo session. Today was their Big Lunch event so I wanted to call in and see how it's all progressing.

I'm so proud of how much they have achieved and I know the garden will continue to develop and improve as the permanent planting matures. In the meantime they are doing lots of great annual veg and bee/insect friendly stuff to fill the beds.

I even got a jar of honey from the Chapter bees to thank me for helping out.  Sweeeet!

Hope your weekend was lovely too...


  1. that is some fine modeling.

  2. He's available for knitting pattern work! Penblwydd Hapus for tomorrow Miss Sian x

  3. I'd like those chairs in my kitchen, but you're right, they'd cost a bomb round here! I love the chives pic - they're so pretty. And honey, my fave!

  4. I'm not generally a fan of bar stools, but that one looks really comfy. You will need to make a bar in your house and serve sophisticated cocktails to each other on a daily basis. Your neighbors will be jealous at how soignee you are!

    1. Just had to explain to Mr Asparagus Pea what soigné means so I'm not holding my breath on the impressing the neighbours front!