Wednesday, 1 January 2014

what we wore - new years day

Christmas in the Asparagus Pea household this year was a bit of a curate's egg*. 
We'll gloss over the sucky bits and give thanks to those who did their best to help keep the festive plates spinning while we sailed through choppy waters.
So the tree was out the door by Monday and new brooms have been sweeping.
Mr Asparagus Pea had a (long overdue) audit of his clothing hoard, and a significant pile has been earmarked for charity.
As a reward we went and bought him a lovely new outfit in the sales - it's easy for men huh? 

I got a new hat.

Mr A-P:
Jacket: Barbour
Shirt: Paul Smith
Trousers: Fred Perry
Shoes and Glasses: Model's own

Hat: Fred Perry
Coat: Two Danes
Cardigan: Kiwi Arts (vintage)
Scarf: Birthday gift from eldest stepson

Happy New Year everyone...
 ..hope your new brooms are sweeping too

*good in parts


  1. happy new year! there is nothing better than a 'what we wore' post in my opinion.i very much like the hat and mr peas shirt. he is obviously inspired by bert's post on how he gets dressed.

    1. Paisley - it's the new check you know! Happy New Year to you too - looking forward to seeing the lovely bag Bert sewed for you. He is a leader amongst men x

  2. How lovely to see Mr and Mrs Asparagus Pea in their finery! Paul Smith, nice choice! (Hope those Fred Perry cords were in the sale - they have been reduced in Debenhams.) Oh, and how delightful that your hat and the Mr's trousers match, I like that in a couple! Happy new year to you both. xxxx

    1. Yes - Fred and Paul in the sale. I think matching couple outfits might be a new style direction for us.

  3. That's exactly what happens when Anth and I go shopping Bernice! He comes home with a whole new ensemble and I come home with the equivalent of your hat! I never find anything in the shops - especially on sale in my size.
    Anyway, enough of that, you both look lovely and it is very nice to see you x

    p.s. when I first met Anthony 20+ years ago he was wearing a Fred Perry t.shirt.

    1. I try to explain the nightmare of women's fashion to Glyn. There's never any large sizes left at sale time. My raincoat is a Danish brand and is a size MEDIUM!!! I think I need to move to Copenhagen where I am a woman of average height.

  4. You both look stunning in your new attire! I especially fancy your hat!!! All the best in the New Year friend! Nicole

  5. You both look great in your new outfits! Happy New Year to you. xx