Tuesday, 28 January 2014

i wonder...

I wonder if Uncle Toni is putting Rafael Nadal's socks on for him after his recent back injury crisis in the final of the Australian Open? And is Rafa griping at him through clenched teeth that he's sick of all of it, and maybe it's time to give up pro sport?

Probably not (I bet there's a dedicated sock support team).

I wonder all of this as I sit at home nursing another tweaked back, (popped a rib this time). I feel like I have been to the osteopath more times in the last year than in the previous ten put together. Today the clouds are clearing, and I am baking banana muffins while contemplating my options.

Is it time to give up pro sport horticulture?
What am I going to do for the next 15 years?
How do I get paid for what's between my earholes
- rather than my ability to dig a hole?

Due to the precarious funding situation currently facing the cultural sector in Wales, Mr Asparagus Pea and I regularly have the 'You could be a ship's captain, I could be a carpet fitter' conversation. This morning I did one of those slightly daft, online psychometric tests, as part of a more serious attempt to audit my transferrable skills.

Turns out I have the same 'personality type' as Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Tony Blair.
So maybe world domination is not out of the question after all…

I don't know what the answer is - I'm mulling over a few ideas though.
In the meantime big thanks to Mr A-P for putting up with looking after me.

me at the eisteddfod last year looking at Dinbych Saith
mr a-p in front of street art during Made in Roath 2013


  1. oh no! was wondering where you were! hope you are ok!!
    maybe you could consider my options too while you are working on yours?xx hope you feel better soon

    1. I'll see what I can do - I suppose a cheese shop is out of the question?

  2. yes.
    can we make these tho - http://www.hillcitybride.com/2010/11/diy-from-pulp-art-plantable-paper/
    not so much as a career, more for fun.x

  3. I hope that your back gets better soon - the muffins will help!! Good luck with the world domination project, I can't wait to see you on Question Time getting a grilling, and then I can say, oh, that's Asparagus Pea, I read her blog before she was famous!! xx

  4. Oh no, sorry to hear about your back.
    Hmm, I hear you about the contemplation of future job prospects. It's not easy. Transferable skills... I'm not so sure employers give too much credence to those; or at least everyone and their dog has them, so you aren't much further on. Oh don't mind me, I'm bitter because what's between my ears, my experience, and yes, those transferable skills, don't seem to be getting me very far in this tough job market! Good luck with it anyway, and keep us posted.
    On a positive note - the banana muffins look delicious, and you have a veritable angel of mercy in Mr AP! xxxx

  5. Oh poop! I am so sorry about your back...my goodness...a rib?!?! How did you do that??? Hey I have no problem if you want to come over here and help our government with a couple things! Ha! We have those discussions often as I stay home...feeding 3 beans adds up so this year I have been watching my brothers kids to make more money. It works for now but I too have to start thinking of my next course of action. I do hope that your passion and knowledge in horticulture leads you to where you are supposed to be. Your muffins look amazing by the way...I would love that recipe if you are up for sharing. And that final photo is so striking! Very cool...you take it easy friend....Let us know how you are doing. Nicole

  6. Well, looking on the bright side, your banana muffins look fantastic - great texture - so perhaps you could start an on-line Banana Baked Goods Company - all things banana? Not the most sustainable venture for someone in the UK though.

  7. As I sit propped up with many pillows in an effort not to move my back much I hear you. Why is it that the stuff between our ears is always information people think they can have for free? "I have this tree with green leaves and a white flower, but it just isn't looking very good, why?"

    Sigh hope you are on the mend. Love Mr A-P's wings I love some of those myself

    1. Quote from the new Armistead Maupin 'Tales of the City' book.
      "Michaels' gardening business wasn't exactly belly-up, but it wasn't thriving either. His younger partner Jake Greenleaf had done most of the grunt work lately. Gardeners aged better than athletes, but their bodies betrayed them the same"
      But I'm feeling better and shifted 2 cubic meteres of horse poop yesterday - rest up and you'll be better soon x