Wednesday, 5 February 2014

old dogs, new tricks

The wind is howling through the trees outside and rain is lashing against the windows. At work today I attended a mental health awareness course. Among the list of '5-a-day' ingredients to boost your mental wellbeing were 'learning', 'connecting with others' and 'physical activity'. On that basis I would like to recommend….

extreme foraging*

collecting razor clams and mussels on a beach in Pembrokeshire, in weather as bad as today

the wind was so strong it was hard to stay upright

essential equipment for extreme foraging - plastic bags and an iPhone!

It might be hard to tell from these blurry photos - but we had FUN!!! 
All the bad stuff and busyness blew away.
We learned some new skills and emptied our heads at the same time.
(We even stopped making lists of things to do). 

It was a Saturday afternoon seashore foraging course, organised by Ed from the fabulous Llys Meddyg hotel in Trefdraeth (Newport Pembs). After a breath stealing few hours on the beach, we headed back to the hotel to cook up a seashore supper, eaten in front of the log fire in the hotel bar. Heavenly!

The next day the weather was like this….

Ed was running the course again on the Sunday,
(for wimps this time obviously).

*(it was my idea - but the lure of a weekend away with bit of fine dining thrown in convinced Mr A-P)


  1. I do think that there is nothing guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away like a sea breeze. Or in this case, a howling gale! Sounds like fun, and focusing on something completely different from your everyday stuff is definitely good for the mood. Fabulous blue skies the next day, dammit! Bet the seashore supper was delicious. xxx

  2. Looks like the perfect weekend to me Bernice!

  3. Oh I love the selfie!! some pictures really do tell 1000 words!! Glad that you had a good time. xx

  4. Good on you for even leaving the house! Nothing better than finding and cooking your own food, we have done same here with little clams (pippies) without the extreme weather conditions though as I suspect our winter is similar to your summer! mel x

  5. This sounds like an amazing experience!!!! Nothing like learning and eating when all the while braving the winds! But those blue stunning! How wonderful that you both got away friend!! And the pictures of the two of you are priceless! A very wonderful week to you!!! Nicole

  6. That's awesome! What a unique idea - I have heard of foraging of course, but haven't thought of seashore foraging. I don't eat seafood, so I would be starving! Maybe there was a good hearty loaf of bread at the pub? It looks miserable on the beach!

    1. We had chocolate brownies with seaweed in them for dessert - you've gotta love that!

  7. What a brilliant day, braving an extremely blustery day for foraging, then cooking it up to enjoy by a fire. Sounds perfect to me!