Saturday, 7 June 2014

tea time two

the first homemade herbal tea of the season

with mint from my new herb garden
and lemon balm from the community garden that I helped out a bit
next year there will be home grown fennel seeds
it needs a few elderfowers for sweetness
I have some drying in the shed
it feels good to store the first harvest of the year
sunshine in a cup


  1. I love mint tea fresh from the garden, hopefully I will get some Elder flowers from my new hedge next year. It will be a small foraging trip this year though to get some.

  2. Fabulous photos, Bernice. Almost make me want to have a herbal tea instead of a PG Tips...! xxxx

  3. I have never dried my own tea, but this year I planted some chamomile and I have two types of mint, so I need to remember to just do it!

    1. Cut the stems before they flower and hang upside down in bunches in an airy place away from direct light. Cutting them right back to harvest means you get a second flush of growth from them so it's a win win situation x

  4. You are very good making your own teas! xx