Saturday, 16 August 2014


update on batch 2 of my lacto-fermented brine pickles….


4% brine
7 day ferment

zingy, tangy and suitably sour

They're in the fridge now
(making friends with Iestyn, the sourdough starter).

I'll spare you from updates on improvements in our gut health,
but I'm excited about their pro-biotic aliveness.
They'll be going in some salsa verde tonight;
we're having roast lamb.

Now then - what can i ferment next?
I'm thinking carrots and cauliflower...


  1. Well, that's it now - after the success of your gherkins, you'll be pickling everything you can get your hands on! Be afraid, Mr AP, be very afraid! xxx

  2. Yay!!!!! They look delicious all sliced up like that lady!! Gut health is a very important thing! I have begun paying closer attention to this as well. Enjoy your scrumptious dinner tonight! Happy weekend friend!! Nicole xo

  3. Asparagus should be next up for the pickle vat (of course) and what about artichokes? Mmmmm, yummy!

  4. I am relieved to know I'm not the only fool naming their sourdough starter (s). Pickled radishes are nice on sandwiches.

  5. Hello Bernice,

    With your expert pickling techniques you would feel completely at home here in Hungary where anything, even that which is seemingly impossible, is pickled. 'Savanusag' as it is referred to in the Motherland is an essential part of most meals.....sweet or savoury there is something to delight any palate! So, do not hold back.......the vegetable kingdom lies before you.....go where no pickler has dared to go before......the taste will be worth it!

  6. Oh how I miss cukes. Yum. I envy your glut.