Saturday, 9 August 2014

pickle update

Update on the first batch of pickles:
Bleeeuurgh - wahaaay too salty!!!!
(But with good flavours developing underneath).
They had to go in the bin…
life's too short to de-salinate a pickle.

Undeterred, I had a quick trawl through the internet for advice about brine strength. 
The first batch was 40g salt to 500ml water - that's 8% brine. 
Batch two is about half that strength.
Watch this space….


  1. I hope that batch 2 is better! Could you dilute the brine for batch one and leave them to soak a little longer and perhaps get less salty? xx

  2. If batch two is still too salty, you could move them to a jar of plain water to soak, but as you say, life is too short for that fuss. At the risk of sounding crazy, some salt is saltier tasting (crazy, I know). Don't know if you used canning salt, or table salt, etc. but it could be worth experimenting with.

  3. Darn. That's one thing I hate about pickle/jam/preserving - if you get it wrong it feels like such a waste. Of the food, your time... I hope the second batch is better!

  4. Can't wait to hear how it goes with the next batch!! Hey once you get it the way you like will be able to rock it every year!! Keep us posted!!! Nicole...lovely week to you friend!

  5. They look so beautiful Bernice. All that gorgeous, gorgeous green. I hope your next batch is good-looking, and edible!