Monday, 27 October 2014

october on instagram

So I finally joined facebook and instagram.
I know - late to the party huh?!?!
But as Mrs Madrigal would say*
'You don't have to keep up dear,
you just have to keep open…' 

Here's what's been going on instagram this month...

October is the time for our rams to join their ladies at the museum.
Are they not the most beautiful furry ears you've ever seen?

Autumn sunshine on pine bark.

2 kinds of kale ready to go to the restaurant kitchens.

My lovely friends bought me a kindle for my birthday
- so I knitted up a cosy cover for it.

The birthday was a big one, so Mr AP and I headed off to Barcelona to celebrate.
A lady needs a fan in southern europe - this little wooden beauty cost one euro.

I whipped up a few prototype spelt corn dollies for Siân
- she was having a craft emergency!

…and finally, my favourite autumn poem by the fabulous John Hegley.

The winds of change are blowing as we head into November.
Snuggle up!   xxxxx

*from The Days of Anna Madrigal  by Armistead Maupin (latest in the Tales of the City series)


  1. Beautiful post friend and a happy happy birthday to you!! Those quotes are awesome as is that ram!! Stunning photo! And love that knitted cosy you whipped up! So glad you got away and happy autumn to you! Nicole xo

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  3. I'm with you on the late entry to Facebook and Instagram. I've only been on a couple months. I just love Instagram for sharing random photos. Yours are fun, too.

  4. Join the late club, I just started on Instagram this week. Love it for sharing photos that aren't quite enough to blog post about.

  5. Beautiful poem! I will keep that in mind during the winter months. Groetjes from Holland, Hetty

  6. thanks for helping me with my 'mergency!

  7. I'm still not at the Instagram party and don't plan on attending. Love that ram shot - awesome texture!

  8. Gorgeous photos, love that handsome ram. Happy birthday, hope Barcelona was wonderful, and I'll see you on FB (not an Instagrammer, I'm afraid!) xxx

  9. Happy Birthday. What a good friend you are to lend a hand with craft emergencies. I can do cake emergencies, but crafts like yours far surpass my skill level. Very nice. Our housekeeper growing up would tell me to start knitting sweaters for the trees each autumn. I think she just wanted me busy, and out of her hair but I do wish she had lived long enough to see Yarn Bombing.

    Great photos. What a sweet ram. I'll bet he'd like those woolly ears of his scratched.

  10. That sheep! That bark! Gosh you take a good photo.