Monday, 6 October 2014

what's a girl to do?

I was, for various professional reasons,
trying to have a hiatus from putting daft pictures of myself on here.
But then one day you wake up and realise….

Oh shit - I'm turning into Grayson Perry!!!

Do you have a 'bad hair day alter ego'?
(mine used to be Ken Dodd, so Grayson is an improvement)

image of grayson by tim walker from here


  1. Oh Bernice, you do make me laugh!
    I have clearly been channeling a young Cilla Black with my dyed red bob - on a bad day, it's more Wendolene Ramsbottom from A Close Shave... xxxx

  2. Oh no! I am sure that you don't really look like this in real life! My face does awful things when a camera is pointed at me, and I have to believe that there is no way that I look like that the rest of the time! Hubby reassures me it is only when a camera comes my way. xx

  3. HA!!! You are great dear friend! Seriously!!!! I think you are stunning not at all like Grayson Perry! But lately I have been looking in the mirror seeing all kinds of things change in the craziest of ways! Man I am just embracing it at this point! Thanks for making me smile and I just wanted to let you know that i may be taking a little break from my blog as I have not been feeling well and am trying to get my groove by to visit soon! A wonderful week to you! Nicole xo

  4. Hi Bernice (you big dag!),

    I do not know who Grayson Perry is (I will google for info), but you are much prettier than he is. In fact if you weren't hamming it up for the photos you wouldn't really resemble him at all so there!
    I don't have an alter ego, but I do have bad (very bad!) hair days. I have so much grey hair it's not funny (at all!), but I do have a lovely relationship with my gay hairdresser because of it - he tells me about all his ins and outs/comings and goings which is very entertaining so I guess that's a positive ;)

    I was so sorry to read about your sons friend's Mum. Poor kid, I hope he'll be okay.
    Thank-you so much for your Frocktober donation Bernice. You're a legend x

    p.s. I use the word 'dag' endearingly x

  5. Well, finding out all about Grayson Perry was my interesting reading for the day! They say that everyone has a look alike somewhere in the world...

  6. Oh goodness, your camera is clearly possessed-you do NOT look like Grayson Perry.

    As I age I seem to be morphing into Totie Fields. I stay away from trapeze dresses.