Sunday, 31 March 2013

little bit hot, little bit cross

I had a plan for today.  It went something like this...

I would rise early, tie on my apron and whip up a batch of home made hot cross buns.  Then the house would be full of the welcoming scent of warm spice and Easter loveliness in time for the arrival of my old school friend and her family, who would be stopping by to break their journey from Wiltshire to Aberaeron.

So far so Mary Berry.

But yesterday was Mr Asparagus Pea's birthday and we went to bed last night slightly the worse for wear after a celebratory meal with friends and family.  This morning, undeterred by a bit of a thick head, I dragged myself downstairs to start baking, only to discover that the recipe required 3 risings. It would be tight for time but I decided to press on.  I set the dough to prove and returned to bed for a tiny bit more shut eye.  This was the moment that Mr Asparagus Pea, (who's normally on the ball with these things), emitted a groaning noise which translated as 'we forgot to put the clocks forward last night'.

Meanwhile, my very efficient friend had changed her clock before going to bed, unaware that it was one of those snazzy ones that update themselves at the required moment.  If I could do the physics I could tell you what the compound effect of our timing errors was...

...suffice to say the buns came out of the oven about 40 minutes after they had left the house.

So these are for you Family Meredith...

...Happy Easter   xxx


  1. Brilliant effort at making them though. I expect they tasted as good as they looked

    Those damn clocks spring forward too quickly. We get an extra hour to sleep next week but also darker evenings, sigh.

  2. They were pretty good. I'm consoled by the fact that my brother did the same thing and he was having my parents over for dinner.

  3. Ha!

    All I did was not put them forward - I knew they were supposed to go forward!

    When I went to bed I tried to reset my watch without disturbing anyone - that was where the error came in!

  4. Big Brother is watching you!