Tuesday, 12 March 2013

little green shoots

Even though we've been plunged back into sub zero temperatures this week, the hotbed seems to have settled at a very respectable 16 degrees C.

air temp
hotbed temp

So I decided today was the day to sow some seeds.

And as the hawthorn leaves begin to pop in the hedgerows, I start to look for signs of life in the veggie beds......

...tiny green nibs of garlic poking through the soil.

Also, the hardwood cuttings that I took from the gooseberry bushes when I pruned them, are starting to produce little frills of green from the buds.

They have spent the whole winter looking like rather unprepossessing thorny pencils stuck in the ground - but now they promise to be new little plants. (For free too - what could be better?)

I know it's not really enough for a fanfare of trumpets - but these little green shoots are the first hints of warmth and growth and good things to come.


  1. We have had alot of pretty little surprises popping up in our garden (freebies with mulch - I think) Very exciting. Jealous of your gooseberries they are gorgeous with their pappery little cases.

  2. The parents of these gooseberry cuttings are very prolific but infested with bindweed. My plan is to establish some new bushes in a different bit of the garden before I rip the old ones out

  3. Hi thanks for sharinng this